New Trends in Residential Lighting

New Trends in Residential Lighting
Lighting exudes more style than ever before. In fact, all home accents have expanded in range of color and style while the housing market has shrunk and the furniture market has become bland if not stagnant.

We recommend seizing the season to accomplish both stylistic statements and providing light to your rooms.

Here are some of the hottest lighting trends:

Complicated patterns and mixed materials
within a simple silhouette
Hand crafted work wrought iron, carved wood, applied finishes, individual selection of materials (shells, beads, glass, marble), hand joining, blown glass
Use of antiqued mirror in sequence or mosaic (even in modern fixtures)
Return of Hollywood gold to boost glam (even in fixtures featuring organic materials).
Opulent details in small, utilitarian fixtures.
Draped chains and pearls! (including black pearls)
Genuine silver leaf finishes.
Bold geometric shaping with substantial materials to make both quality and style statements.
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