Palermo Palace Drapery Treatment <br>11-14 feet

Palermo Palace Drapery Treatment
11-14 feet

Item# DES-palermopalace
Elegant and impressive, the Palermo Palace Drapery treatment is designed for heights of 11-14 feet. A twelve foot high treatment is estimated here. Both height and width of the treatment affect the pricing. But, for the most part, the costs are captured in this estimate of the scale drawing shown.

This beautiful treatment ships very well and is ready to install with minimal wrinkling. The Gold Jacquard Faux Silk is especially ideal for this treatment, because the patterning and range of colors offsets imperfections as a result of uneven lighting or imperfect installation. The silk layer delivers the luxury traditionally associated with silk without requiring delicate care.

We will supply specifications for your particular treatment individually.
Below is an overview of the treatment:

Gold Jacquard faux silk creates the top layer that falls gracefully from a curved board to holdbacks, cascading downward into beautifully proportioned and tapered folds. The leading edges and angled edges of the gold jacquard layer are finished with 3.5" tassel trim shown.
Genuine silk panels fall from the shaped board and are supported by a braided tieback as they fall to the floor.
Three types of decorative hardware are used.
Details of fullness, finished width, hardware, and method of mounting will be provided to customers ordering this treatment. Installation guide is provided with the finished work. The guide focuses on where the hardware should be placed on your wall and how to dress the fabric.

Order SWATCHES below

To proceed, please order a scale drawing or pay a deposit for the work below, and we will work with you in planning the treatment especially for your space.

Email Design Nashville general inquires about whether this treatment will work in your space. Please note that we don't disclose particulars about how this treatment is made without deposit for the order or scale drawing order.
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