Pink Diamonds Polished Nickel
Drapery Hardware 1 3/8" poles

Pink Diamonds Polished Nickel <br>Drapery Hardware 1 3/8" poles
Fine brass hardware finished in polished nickel is optional with Pink Diamonds Draperies. The pole is 1 3/8" in diameter, cut to your selected length. Acrylic finials appear to be glass. Precision brackets and rings display the quality of the hardware in readily seen ways: The rod will rest smoothly on the bracket that sits firmly on the wall. Since the pole is cut not telescoping, the diameter is consistent across the pole and drapery length is also consistent. Rings are of uniform shape, smoothness, and weight with quality eyelets in exacting dimensions to maintain drapery length and positioning.

No additional shipping is charged when the hardware is ordered with the draperies.
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