Romance & Cappuccino Bedding Ensemble v.2 with attached skirt

Romance & Cappuccino Bedding Ensemble v.2 with attached skirt

Item# BES-romanceattskirtens
Beautiful latte and mocha colors in French embroidered swirls, streaked faux silk, and lush velvet appointed with rich European trimmings.

This design is made by Tanna Espy Miller, our award winning designer. Bedding is fabricated in the same work shop and in the same manner as our custom work. In fact, you can have this design altered or a new one made just for you.

Ensemble includes
Boxed Euro Pillows
2 for Qn. 3 for Kg. 26 x 26 x 3" Mocha velvet Fabric C on front AND back. Cappuccino Froth Velvet on the sides of the box. Twisted cording (3/8") is on the edges of both front and back. A zipper closure is located on the bottom 3.5" wide section for easy care.
Rectangular PillowsFabric A Romance and Cappuccino Swirl embroidered fabric, lined. Twisted cording is along the outer edges, key tassels of approximately 5.5" are fastened to each corner (in the seam), and tassel trim frames the front as sketched. Pillows are sized larger than sleeping pillows: Qn. 20x28" Kg 20x33" A zipper/ flap closure is on the back side near the bottom for easy care.
1 Bolster Toast Velvet fabric B in the center section, Shirred Fabric D Chocolate Streaked Faux Silk on the outer sections and the ends ending with a flounce (as a tootsie roll). Tassels matching those on the rectangular pillow are fastened to each end. Bolster size for queen: 8.5" x 22". king bolster: 9 x 26"
1 Bed covering with attached, shirred skirt Fabric A Romance and Cappuccino Swirl embroidered fabric. Top of the bed section is lined with deluxe English bump (cotton interlining 3/16" thick) and lined in ivory or a light neutral solid. The attached skirt is 2.25 x full, unlined (also of fabric A). Twisted cording defines the seam where the skirt is joined to top of bed action. Shirred skirt portion is finished with a rolled double 2" hem that is blind stitched. Cording and seam are rounded on a 2.5" radius at the corners. The top of the bed section is planned to fall 1.5" below the crest of the mattress. Please plan the length of the skirt accordingly. Full: 56 x 78". Qn 63" x 82". King 79" x 82"

This design is made to the highest professional standards using designer exclusive materials. In all, 27 yards of fabric are used (extra yardage is required for matching the pattern). 26 yards of cording (Queen) 10 tassels, and 14 hours of labor, some involving two to three people using the best professional equipment.

Order online or Email Design Nashville to make a deposit to initiate your order. The balance will be due when the bedding approaches completion.
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