Specifications and Recommendations Draperies with Tassel Trim

Specifications and Recommendations Draperies with Tassel Trim
Draperies are hand cut and sewn in the United States using the best professional equipment and standards. Matching thread is used for seams and hems. Pleats at the top are available in four styles. Each pleat is securely reinforced, and the top is stiffened with drapery crinoline. Top pleats are 4" high. Side hems are rolled double approximately 1.75" and blind stitched. Bottom hems are rolled double approximately 4" and blind stitched. The lining layer is 1" shorter than the face layer.

We recommend a length two inches longer than the ring to the floor measurement so that a bit of drapery remains on the floor while the leading edge is lifted off the ground (as sketched). We can angle the bottom to create different effects. Email Design Nashville for courteous service in customizing this design. There is no charge for this service.

Draperies are professionally fan folded and packaged in a box especially proportioned and sized for successful transportation. We recommend removing draperies from the box once they arrive and opening them out to their full length. WE DON'T RECOMMEND unfolding the fan folds. Keep restraints on draperies even during installation until they are held by the hardware.

Order drapery poles and rings separately Designer Drapery Poles and Components . * Two prong pinch pleat draperies require 16 rings. All other pleat styles require 14. We recommend 2 -2.25" diameter poles for a substantial presence in the room. On the other hand, iron rods used for this style are well respected.

Draperies are hand crafted to order in the United States. Lead time varies according to season, stock status of materials, and orders in the work cue. If you are ordering more than 1 pair, we will accept your order with a deposit of 70% and the balance when ready to ship.
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