Ventura Breeze Linen Blend Drapery Pair, standard fullness

Ventura Breeze Linen Blend Drapery Pair, standard fullness

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This gorgeous creased drapery is made of 91% linen, 9% polyester in a tight, durable weave that is medium in weight. The high linen content provides a low sheen, organic surface and sun resistance. Unlike polyester creased fabrics, the linen won't billow outward or become unruly. Choose unlined for a tropical, breezy look that lets the line shine through or lined that adds weight and stability while blocking more light.

The drapery is fully lined with 100% high grade cotton lining. Please choose the length that is best for your space. Panels will be pleated to 22 inches unless requested otherwise. (1 width or approximately 49" of fabric width is pleated to 22" achieving standard fullness)

Side hems (1.75") and bottom hems(4") are rolled double and blind stitched. The lining has its own hem. Pleats are mathematically even and precise.

Email Design Nashville for assistance with hardware or planning the drapery for your space.
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