Decorating the Man Cave

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Once the Man is Perfected, the Cave is Next

Ok, the man may not be perfect yet, but cave or castle, men care. 

Men are more willing to make large purchases than women and more willing to take advice.  Men are not as anxious for change. And, function always rules.  If you are shopping for a man, never forget those basics. If you are a man, call me.  I enjoy your perspective.

Here are some examples of what our male clients ordered this year and why. 

Windswept Ferns in the Sand Rug 

Client: Wes  Location:  Mount Juliet Tn. 
Wes is financial expert. He wants an all masculine interior, but he realizes his extreme analytical self inhibits him style wise.  Beyond leather,  masculine surfaces, and layers of earth tones, he wanted a dynamic statement, even a fashionably designer statement.  This rug provided a strong diagonal movement connecting his solid sofa to a patterned chair and the boldness he wanted.  The ceiling is vaulted which provides space for the dramatic rug " to breathe".  Leather trunks stacked on the corner fireplace and staggered oil paintings of sea and cityscapes on the tall wall build height and sense of confidence begun by this rug. 

Purple Rain Bedding 

Client: Dave  Location: Nashville, Tn
Dave is from California, in the music business, and owner of Celebrity Limousines.  Everything has to be clean, slick, cool in color, and impressive. I have worked with Dave for 14 years and have invented every name for shades of grey that my mind can conjure.  We have exhausted all the taupes and stone colors that will pass for grey from 5 paint companies. When I get frustrated, I show him battleship or dolphin, and he opens his mind.  When Dave liked this bedding, I was thrilled to have some color. We ordered only the dark pieces including two bolsters which are placed precisely in front of shams which are centered perfectly with his glass headboard. Dave is legally blind, believe it or not.  But, believe me, the bed looks perfect at all times, and he sees every single thing we do. 

Andean Stone Floor Lamp 

Client: Brandon Location: Fredericktown, OH
I didn't help Brandon select this lamp, but I needed to call him when the lamp broke in shipment. My supplier knew they were having trouble with the packing of this particular piece, so they sent a replacement before the first one was returned.  I am proud of their prompt service and good attitude. While we were talking, Brandon  told me he bought the lamp for its simple style and the good looking stones. I couldn't help but think that if I (and fellow style snobs) select more straight forward and easily appreciated designs like this handsome lamp, other people would be more comfortable around me (us). I'm glad for the chat with Brandon.

Antique Crest Fabric 

Client: Ken  Location: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Ken is a proud owner of a new yacht. Finishing and furnishings it has been an exciting and expensive project.   Ken was searching without success for a fabric suitable for the captain's suite which would have a King Louis feel. He worked on other aspects of the decor and hoped something would turn up.  One day, he stumbled upon our website and this fabric which is a special purchase made through a personal contact.  He immediately thought it was just the thing, but wanted to be sure, so  I send him a gigantic swatch with a full pattern repeat. He thought it was perfect.  I am particularly pleased, because this fabric was my favorite choice for a previous client who changed directions.  I am thrilled with Ken's enthusiasm for his project, so I am making a gift of  a tapestry piece and some silk and mohair fabrics to build on his Old World theme. 

Two Story Formal Swag Treatment 

Client: Amrat  Location: Nashville, TN
As a world traveler and hotel owner, Amrat is accustomed to grand scale, bold statement, and respectable formality.  I designed this treatment for his gorgeous new home with a 22 ft tall configuration of 15 windows. The windows bow outward all the way to the ceiling although not as tightly as a in a turret. This drawing is to scale.  I personally made the sewing patterns for the oversized swages and components. The installation was a big test for a new installer I had hired. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised as he read the graphed drawing to check my math. Since that time, we have relaxed with each other while installing this type of difficult treatment  in segments transferring each proportion carefully. I love this work, because it brings my two best talents together (creativity and analytical planning) 

Bar Harbor Truffle Rug 

Client: Brannon  Location: Maumelle, AR
Beautiful.  That was the word he used to describe this rug.  Men shy away from novelty and whimsy, but beauty is desired.  This is my favorite traditional blue and brown rug, too.  The motifs are truly beautifully depicted with subtlety of color and precision of shape. Brannon is  an Army reservist, so he qualifies for our military discount of 10%. Currently, he is exploring our new solid color rugs in natural fibers for a casual space. 

Custom Contracting for Formal Dining Room 

Client: Doug  Location: Mount Juliet, TN
Doug is one of Nashville's top realtors who works in professionally decorated model homes.  He has plenty of money, but is a conservative spender. He buys from my sources as well as local stores where he takes me to be his advocate.  Doug loves to entertain friends and family often and wants his home as professionally finished as the model homes in which he works.  There are things the models have he doesn't want, though: artsy color schemes and very trendy accessories.  Doug likes seriously gorgeous things with a tried and true traditional feel.  Fabrics are similar to men's wear.  Paisley is his favorite, but we use diamonds, simple swirls, and small stripes to accent. Black is his favorite color for drama.  I discovered a shade of gold I called "cashew" which particularly pleased him, and then we flowed into a dark sienna with a blackish glaze for the dining room upper walls to provide a warm ambience of hospitality. If Doug likes you, he will give you my phone number. 

Call me about your man cave or castle! 


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