Winscott Manor Drapery Pair, standard fullness

Winscott Manor Drapery Pair, standard fullness

Item# DES-winscottmanorpair
Delightfully charming printed linen blend depicts porcelain greyhounds, pheasants, teacups, and seashells against demure cameo pink. This nostalgic fabric is beautifully detailed and colored. The fabric ground is 55% linen, 45% viscose for long lasting durability. Although each porcelain figure is not large, the pattern is rather open, repeating every 27" and creating a relaxed yet sophisticated presentation.

This drapery pair is hand and machine made to order in the United States using the highest professional standards. Drapery panels are fully lined with deluxe grade ivory lining. Side hems are rolled double 1.75" and blind stitched. Bottom hems are rolled double 4 inches and blind stitched. Pleats are mathematically correct and precise.

Choose the top style (photo is shown at inset) and the length.* Draperies are made to have 4" beyond the last pleat that can be used as "return to the wall" or it can be pinned to a ring (as shown in the inset photo two prong pleat) This 4" is included in the pleated width option. So, a 24" width will appear as 20" when the drapery returns to the wall or 24" if it is pinned to a ring. (For returns to the wall, simply use a screw or hook in the wall to hold the drapery pin.)

Please choose the desired length. We recommend treatments that emphasize the height of the room, so for rooms with 8 or 9 ft ceilings, the pole should go nearer the ceiling than the window.

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